When you join DIKY, the first thing we ask you is

  1. The top 5 activities you love to do
  2. 10 simple questions to understand your dominant personality traits

This helps us build your base profile.

Your base profile helps us suggest to you the first people you see when you search on any tag. To make this search more personalised we recommend you build your profile by adding your friends. These friends can answer questions about you anonymously just as you can do for them in Vouches.

The Vouches you get –

  1. Either support your existing tags
  2. Or help you unlock new ones

Giving vouches is fun… all you need to do is swipe

Swipe to give vouches on personality

You can track your progress in

  1. Badges – Move from Newbie to Explorer to Popular to Superstar, by getting more friends to vouch for you, and also giving them vouches on their personality and interests.
  2. Quality and Interests – See how many ( but not who đŸ˜› ) people think what about each of your qualities and interests

The statistics will look something like this –

Personality stack

The vouches you get from your friends, help us understand different aspects of your personality.

One special thing that we have taken care of is –

The people who are closer to you affect your profile the most

Simply means when friends who are closer to you vouch for you, it affects your profile the most. This is why you see “Less number of people saying ‘Yes’ on a quality and it having a higher ranking.”

Thus we make sure that the top 5 qualities and top 5 interests that you are visible for are the one’s which most accurately describe you as a person. This we how we understand your personality and help you get the best matches for any activity you want to do đŸ™‚

How do we know so much about your personality?