What happens when people Google search you?

Your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles probably open up?

People form a perception about you basis these profiles and this perception depends on where you work (LinkedIn) and how your Facebook pictures are !!

What if they could know you better as a person and also the things you love to do?

We built DIKY.me for exactly this reason. Whenever you join DIKY, you get your personal webpage (checkout some here) This is your crowd sourced webpage which tells any one viewing it –

  1. Your Name, Work/ College/ School
  2. Top 3 qualities for which your friends admire you
  3. Top 3 interests/activities which you love doing with your friends
  4. Link to your Facebook profile (if you allowed in the privacy options)
  5. Option to connect with you

Aditya Ahluwalia DIKY.me profile @ www.diky.me/aditya

This gets updated as you keep building your profile on DIKY. All you need to do is download DIKY and choose your URL. Pretty cool isn’t it 😛

What is more it is designed in such a way that when anyone searches for you on Google it is among the top results.

Where can you use it –

  1.  Control what people see when they Google about you – Let them see your best side
  2. Share it with anyone and anywhere, to tell what are your strengths and what activities you like to do (Interviews, employers, friends etc) – because everything is crowdsourced, it is authentic and validated 🙂

BTW hurry up if you want the URLs of your choice

Download DIKY

DIKY.me – my crowdsourced web profile