What is DIKY?

DIKY (Do I Know You), is a location based people discovery app, where you can discover people, based on what their friends are saying about them.


Simple, DIKY asks your friends and family to vouch for you in a fun, anonymous and authentic manner on your personality and interests, by asking them disguised psychometric questions. Based on these answers you become discoverable for your top 5 qualities and interests.


So that you can meet and chat with Humorous Foodies or Adventurous Travellers (and a lot more) around you to pursue your interests and passions, date or just have an interesting conversation.

The best part about DIKY –

1. Creep and Clutter Free – Because your discovery on any tag is based on how many vouches you have on that tag from your friends – the network effect weeds out the creeps

2. Get a scoop before meeting – Know what are the dominant qualities of a person and what activities he/she likes to do before choosing to connect with him/her

TL;DR – we make you discoverable for the personality and interests, that you are known for in your network, anytime anywhere. Check out the app here

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What is DIKY Growth Hacker

A two week internship program where you learn

  1. How to acquire your first users for free
  2. Know what free tools you can for early stage startup marketing
  3. Understand growth hacking for a tech startup