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Why only a Facebook Login?

A Facebook login makes it easier for us to verify your profile and also help you find your friends quickly on DIKY.

I can’t log in.

Make sure you have the latest version of DIKY. Open DIKY and try logging out and logging back in. You can also try force quitting the app. You can also try deleting DIKY from your phone, downloading it again and reinstalling it. As long as you don’t delete your account, this won’t delete the people you have connected with and their messages.

Will I lose my connections if I delete the app?

As long as you don’t delete your account, deleting the app won’t delete any of your connections or messages.

My DIKY Profile

What is my DIKY profile?

On DIKY, your friends can vouch for you on 44 personality traits and 20 interests or activities. Your profile is built by understanding from these answers, what are your most dominant qualities (Top 5 qualities) and the activities you love to do (Top 5 Tags). You can see how many people are saying on each quality or tag in “My Personality Analysis” > Qualities or tags tab.

What are these badges?

Badges are a sign of your profile strength. A profile strength of 10% gets you the Newbie Badge, 30% Explorer, 60% – Popular and 100% – Superstar. You can check out what badge you are on and how to get the next one in “My Personality Analysis” > Badges tab

How do you decide my top 5 qualities and tags?

You start your journey by answering a few basic questions about yourself, which helps us build your basic profile. When your friends start answering questions about you, they either support the qualities and tags you unlocked for yourself, or help you unlock more. The ones which get the maximum support from your network are your top 5 Qualities and Tags.

What if people say bad things about me on DIKY?

We have built DIKY so that you can easily discover and connect with people around and not bully peers !! We want to give you 10 reasons to connect with a persona and not 10 reasons not to connect !!

For this we have done the following 4 things –

  1. All qualities are positive in nature and those which a person looks for while connecting with someone else for any activity.
  2. All interests/activities are those which you would want to connect over with people around you
  3. The vouching is not via comments but a left/right swipe on disguised questions.
  4. The questions are created and gamefied by psychologists.

So it is actually impossible for anyone to say anything bad about anyone on DIKY !!


What are vouches?

Whenever you answer questions about your friends by swiping left or right we call it vouching. This are the most integral part of DIKY as they help us understand a person’s personality from his network. Your visibility on DIKY is dependent on the number of vouches you have. Need less to say more the vouches higher the visibility.

Who can vouch for me?

Only friends can vouch for each other as we feel that they would know each other the best.

Why should I ask my friends to give me vouches?

Every person is visible only for his/her top 5 qualities and top 5 tags in a location. More vouches you have, more is your visibility on the above and thus chances of meeting better people. Also it helps us keep the entire platform authentic and free from creeps.

Why should I give vouches to my friends?

Well simply because –

  1. You can give anonymous feedback to your friends in a fun way
  2. You directly contribute in keeping the platform creep free!!
  3. It’s a quid pro quo – more you give, more you recieve

How can I give and take vouches from my friends?

  1. Giving Vouches (All friends) – Go to “Vouches”  in the side drawer to vouch for your friends randomly
  2. Giving Vouches (To one friend) – Go to the person’s profile and tap on “Vouches”
  3. Requesting Vouches (All friends) – Tap the Plus Icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the profile screen. Select Request Vouches. Tap on the friends you want to ask about your personality and hit “Request”


What is new in this?

For the first time you can discover and meet with people around you based on personality and interests. All you need to do is tap on what kind of a person you are looking for.

P.S – You can also search by name but then again there nothing new in that!!

Who are the people who come in these searches?

Whenever you search for any tag we look up everyone on DIKY who has that tag in his/her top 5. Then we simply show the best results to you basis the following factors –

  1. Closeness in location
  2. Similarity in Personality
  3. Number of vouches a person has on the tag being searched

How to connect with anyone on DIKY?

If you like someone’s profile and would want to connect with him/her, you can start by saying a “Hi”. If you already know the person you can directly send him/her a friend request.

What happens when I send a “Hi”?

We send a message request to the other person mentioning the context where you found his/her profile. Messaging opens up between both of you once the person chooses to reply back.

What happens when someone sends me a “Hi?”

When someone sends you a “Hi” request, you can see why the person wants to connect with you, checkout his/her profile and then choose to reply back or unmatch. (problem word)

Can I see who is viewing my profile

Yes, we notify you when someone checks out your profile, also you can go to Friends in the side drawer and see profile visits

Chat / Messages

I got a new message notification but I don’t see it.

Try typing that person’s name in the Search bar and see “Messages”. There might be a slight delay so we would recommend trying again later.

Can anyone message me?

No, a user can only send you a “Hi”. Messages can be exchanged only if you decide to respond to the “Hi”. Only your friends can message you directly.

Can I message anyone?

You can send a “Hi” to anyone on DIKY who is not your friend, but messaging will open only after the other person responds to your “Hi”. Messaging is open if both of you are friends on DIKY.

My messages are not going through.

Please make sure you have a strong internet connection. You can also try closing the app. If the issue persists, please wait a few hours and try again at a later time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Can I block/unblock someone?

Nope, blocking/unblocking messages is not available in the beta version. You can unfriend or block directly from the profile of any person.

What is a DIKY web profile ?

You can share your DIKY profile with anyone, even off the app. Just customise your URL on the DIKY app and share the link (URL) to your profile. To customise your web profile URL, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the Plus Icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the profile screen
  2. Select ‘DIKY web profile’
  3. Choose your URL, publish and share

Anyone who opens your URL will be able to view and see on your profile directly on the app.

P.S – You can publish your web profile as soon as you make you basic profile on DIKY. It keeps on getting updated as you get more vouches from your network

Friends on DIKY

Can I add my friends on DIKY?

Yes you can invite your friends from WhatsApp and Facebook anytime on DIKY. Also because you login via Facebook, you can see all your Facebook friends who are already on DIKY in suggested friends.

Why should I add friends on DIKY?

Simple –

  1. To know what they think about your personality
  2. Be more discoverable for your top qualities and tags
  3. To see what are people saying about their personality type and interests


Can I share my DIKY profile with my friends?

We know you love to share so we so we made it really easy for you to do so – just tap on Plus icon in main profile screen and open share to share your DIKY profile on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc

Bonus Share

If you like any question about a friend you can share the same anywhere by tapping on the share con in the vouch cards.


What if I don’t want to be searchable for my top 5 tags and qualities?

Currently we don’t have discovery settings for search but they will be coming soon. As soon as you make your base profile, you become discoverable for your top 5 tags and qualities

What can people see about me on DIKY?

People can see the best of you i.e. top 5 qualities and top 5 tags you have. They can also see where have you studied and where do you work. Lastly if you allow they can also go to your Facebook profile from profile details.

Do you plan to sell my data are worse are you selling it?

In one word “No” !!

Profile settings

How do I edit my profile?

To edit your profile, tap on “Details” in my profile and you can edit your tagline, phone number and visibility of Facebook profile

How do I edit my workplace and school info?

Currently you can’t edit your workplace or school info on DIKY. Just, make sure your school/work info is up to date on Facebook.

Note: if you have recently updated your school/work information on Facebook, the changes may take up to a few days to reflect on DIKY.

How do I change my name on DIKY?

DIKY pulls data from Facebook to create your profile. Simply update your name on Facebook and it will update on DIKY in the next few days.

I can’t change my settings.

Make sure you have the latest version of DIKY. If the issue persists, please try again in a few hours.

How do I delete my account?

For security purposes, we have not given this feature in beta. If you are not satisfied with the app and want to delete your account. Please shoot us an email at

Bear in mind, if you log in again after deleting your account, we create a whole new account for you.

Note: Deleting the app does not delete your account.


How do I add a profile photo?

DIKY pulls in your profile photo from Facebook. Currently that is the only photo you can have on DIKY. But we are planning to get in more options to upload and showcase.

Can I send a photo to a person on DIKY?

No currently you can only send text messages to your connections on DIKY. We are getting more media sharing options soon.

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