The Team Building DIKY



Aditya Ahluwalia – Co-Founder and CEO – A mechanical engineer who did his MBA in sales and marketing and sold SIM cards for a year in Bihar and Jharhkand. He moved on to handle marketing, nationally, for an M-commerce product and post that he started “HappyBatua” a B2C/B2B ecommerce Grocery startup which shut shop in May’15. Primary responsibility at DIKY – Keeping the team motivated to give in more than their 100% and also ensuring that they do !!



Sharmeen Sahibole – Co-Founder and Director Product – She is a mechanical engineer (Bachelor’s and Master’s) went on to do explosion testing (FEM and FEA analysis) to Virtual and Augmented Reality projects, to 3 D gaming before finally handling the entire product for DIKY. She is the one who gives life to the designs.

PS – along with all this, she is also a national level athlete!!



Himanshu Gupta – Co-Founder and Director Technology – He is just in his 4th year of college and he has already deployed 2 products. It includes Fetchh – an Artificial Intelligence based customer intelligence tool, currently used by 1,08,000 ICICI Bank employees. He also developed a Virtual Stock Market used by 7000 people which had a crash rate of just 2%. He is the guy responsible for developing the backend architecture of DIKY and implementing all the algorithms.



Shubham Kumar – Co-Founder and Director Engineering – He completed his engineering at an age when many of us would be cribbing about whether to go to High School or not. He is just 20 years old and has already worked with Microsoft in Tech and Sales. He has already been a part of 4 start-ups. He gets the intelligence in the app with his algorithms and analytics. All you got to do on DIKY is swipe, everything else will happen automatically.



Dr. Niyaz Siddiqui – Co-Founder and COO – A Doctor (MBBS) from Jamnagar and an MBA from ISB Hyderabad, he formulates the questions and brings in the intelligence in the questions being asked in DIKY. He makes sure that all the questions end up bringing out the true personality of every person as seen from his peers’ eyes. Because of him, users can have fun, while telling their friends why they are special “ANONYMOUSLY”.

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